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Application of EC Motor in Cowshed Fan

2020-01-15 17:39:55 Volcano Motor Read

Fan EC Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Selection Key Part Fifteen ---Application of EC Motor in Cowshed Fan

The establishment of modern large-scale intensive cattle farms has put forward higher requirements for the ventilation environment of cattle houses. The ventilation condition in the cowshed has an important influence on the growth and development of cattle. Good ventilation conditions are required for heat dissipation of cattle body, keeping body temperature and discharging toxic and harmful gases in the cowshed, so good ventilation environment is very beneficial to the growth and development of cattle. In order to have a better ventilation environment in the cowshed, ventilation and cooling equipment such as cowshed fans must be used.

 Cowshed Fan 2.png

A cow shed fan in modern pasture radiates one or more cows with large amount of heat dissipation, long running time and large power consumption. The normal power of the fan motor in the cowshed is 400W/550W. According to the market information we have, the rated efficiency of the fan motor in the cowshed is only 60%~70%.

measured efficiency of the asynchronous motor.png

The table shows the measured efficiency of the asynchronous motor of the cowshed fan, with rated efficiency of 62.56%, rated speed of 700RPM and rated power of 400W. The motor starts and stops in a centralized way through an electric box, and does not have motor protection such as speed regulation, background communication control, over/under voltage, over/under current, etc.

The following figure is a 400W/460rpm EC motor test report:

 400W 460rpm EC motor test report.png

Output 400W, rated speed 460 rpm, fan EC motor efficiency 88.5%, speed maintained good. It has speed control, motor over/under voltage, over/under current protection, background communication control or field terminal control.

Cowshed fans are mainly used to ventilate the cowshed and cool the cow body. The related demand changes with the change of seasons and time. Starting and stopping is not the most suitable control strategy for modern pastures. Speed control can reduce fan energy consumption and noise. To sum up, the application of EC motor in cattle shed fan can improve the motor efficiency by 20%~35% compared with the matching three-phase asynchronous motor. The fan operates at speed regulation, which can reduce the noise of the fan and promote the growth rate of dairy cows and beef cattle. The centralized backstage control of EC motors can also improve the management efficiency in pastoral areas.

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