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The Improvement Of The Closeness Of The Breeding Houses

2020-03-03 11:40:28 Volcano Motor Read

Fan EC Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Selection Highlights Article 18 --- The improvement of the closeness of the breeding houses, the way to deal with the emergency of our Chinese animal husbandry fans.

breeding houses Fan Motor

Since this year, swine fever has been rampant in China in Africa, causing very heavy losses. In the early days, it was dominated by retail investors, and in the late days, it was dominated by medium-scale and large-scale pig farms. Many large-scale pig farms were occupied, and the pig farms with tens of thousands of heads were occupied. African Swine Fever is a demon-watching mirror that shines all our things clearly. What is China's epidemic prevention system like? It is a comprehensive test of the management ability and crisis handling ability of a region, relevant departments and a pig farm.

 pig farm

Under the continuous high pressure of African swine fever, we can see that in the past few decades, China's livestock scale farming has only realized "scale" and no specialized livestock scale farming theory and team have been formed. In the face of African swine fever, the ability to prevent and control imported diseases is weak. In order to improve the prevention and control ability of epidemic diseases, aquaculture enterprises will comprehensively improve the airtightness of aquaculture houses, add an air filter device at the air input end, and the pressure resistance standard of fans will be increased from the original 20 Pa to 50 Pa to 100 Pa to 150 Pa. As a result, China's animal husbandry fans will also have a "revolution" and the animal husbandry fan industry will inevitably undergo reshuffling and restructuring. In this process, Volcano Electric EC Motor will find a future partner with high-performance livestock fans.

The closeness of the breeding house is improved, the breeding density is not decreased, and the total ventilation demand is not decreased. That is to say, our animal husbandry fan still needs to maintain a large flow output when it is resistant to 100 pa to 150 pa. I have to admit that "fluid mechanics" and "aerodynamics" have been subjects for a hundred years. Chinese livestock blower practitioners have a big gap with overseas excellent enterprises in terms of professional level, research and development ability and industrial materials.

Facing the needs of users, we can learn from overseas excellent peers or seek wisdom from other fields with high pressure resistance and large air volume. At the 17th China Animal Husbandry Expo held in Wuhan, China, in May this year, I saw many manufacturers successively introducing high pressure fans.

high pressure fans

high pressure fans

high pressure fans

high pressure fans

This kind of blade mainly comes from HVAC system cooling fan, cooling tower fan and heat pump module unit fan. After long-term application and inspection of HVAC system, the blade has no problem in quality stability. However, due to the different industries used, the complete matching of the blade and the animal husbandry fan structure needs to be improved, and the improvement of the blade performance also increases the fan purchase cost of farmers to a certain extent, which also requires a certain adaptation process.

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