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  1. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  2. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  3. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  4. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  5. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  6. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  7. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor
  8. 220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor

220mm Stator Winding Coil With Magnetic Rotor

  • Model Number:VOL-WSRS220
  • Outer diameter:200mm
  • Inner diameter:120.1mm
  • Tooth width:19mm
  • Number of slots:12
  • Poles:8 poles or 10 poles
  1. Detailed information
Brand Name:Volcano ElectricModel Number:VOL-WSRS220Type:Brushless DC Motor
OD of Stator:200mmID of Stator:120.1mmTooth width:19mm
Number of slots:12Poles:8 poles or 10 polesMulti strands:1pp, 2pp, 4pp
Power:2000W~30000WSpeed:500~5000RPMWire:100% Copper Coil
Insulation Class:Class FCertification:CE, UL, ROHSStandard:IEC or Custom
Application:motorcycle, fan motor, automatic equipment, servo motor, robotics, brushless motor design

Product Description

We are specializing in the solutions of brushless permanent magnet motor / servo motor's stator & rotor assemble


Motor design, rotor & stator offered after winding, magnet assemble, available on spare assembling offer

As far as we know that the motor 100% needs the stator and rotor, we have a team and the chief engineer is from Australia, who has been in designing the motors over 32 years. We have the full experience that we could help you finish the design of the motor and stator. For this type VOL-WSRS220, we consider the total cost of this type will effect the whole item of the final motor. Recently, there are many customers that they need the assemble part to fit their motor, and our type of stator and rotor will be your best choice. 

Regarding the coil winding, we use the automatic machine to do, it will save the cost and bring your much more benefit. The poles of this components are always 8 poles or 10 poles, but OEM is always fine. 

We insist that quality and honesty come first. Waiting for you and feel free to contact our team at info@volcanomotor.com for any technical support.

Multi Strands Showing

DC Motor

DC Motor

DC Motor

Motor construction

Brushless dc motor also have the stator and rotor same like the common dc motor, but it cancel the brushes. The stator used by silicon steel sheet and the rotor make by permanent magnet. It can be 2 poles to 8 poles just as you wish. Different with the brushes dc motor, the commutation of the BLDC motor is electronically controlled. We will use the hall sensors to do it. Also can use the magnetic encoder.


Model Number


Outer diameter of stator


Inner diameter of stator


Tooth width


Number of slots



8 poles or 10 poles


1pp or 2pp or 4pp


2000W ~ 30000W



Detailed Images






Winding stator and rotor list

TypeOuter diameter of statorInner diameter of statorTooth widthNumber of slotsPolesMulti-strandsPowerSpeed
VOL-WSRS1201198010128 or 101 or 2 or 4375-2000500-5000
VOL-WSRS250215.2136.2161812 or 24 or 361 or 2 or 62000-60000500-5000
VOL-WSRS220200120.119128 or 101 or 2 or 42000-30000500-5000
VOL-WSRS180167.211015128 or 101 or 2 or 41000-15000500-5000
VOL-WSRS130 M1228012.5128 or 101 or 2 or 4375-3000500-5000
VOL-WSRS130 S1228011.5128 or 101 or 2 or 4375-3000500-5000
VOL-WSRS1009044.66.5128 or 101 or 2 or 4375-2000500-6000
VOL-WSRS80 9S76.444.67.2961 or 3200-1000500-6000
VOL-WSRS80 12S7740.57.2128 or 101 or 2 or 4200-1000500-5000
VOL-WSRS-60 9S56.129.76961 or 3150-600500-6000
VOL-WSRS-60 12S57.830.55.5128 or 101 or 2 or 4150-600500-5000

Advantage of our single tooth winding stator and rotor

  • Reduce eddy current

  • Lower noise

  • Cools the stator core

  • Reduces hysteresis loss

  • Higher coil filling achievable. We can control 90% for High voltage, while 80% for low voltage

  • Various stamping tools available to save initial design

  • Large material savings compared to one piece stator

  • Various grade of magnet

  • Better magnetic properties, low demagnetization rate, and high magnetic consistence

  • Multi-poles ring magnet: more stable & stronger magnetic flux to lower motor space and improve performance and lower spacer

Designed experiences for winding stator and rotor

DC Motor

For customized DC Motors, please contact our technician. Ordinary, we have to know the following information to get a professional proposal:

  • Brushed or Brushless   Customer preference

  • Output power (W)   Horsepower/watts/torque rated at full load speed

  • Voltage (V)   i.e 12v DC …….. 220v AC

  • Motor speed (RPM)   Revolutions per minute of the shaft at full load Voltage 

  • Application   e.g. traction, airconditioning, etc.

  • Duty     Most motors are rated continuous. Some applications however may use motors designed for intermittent duty

  • Configuration/Frame    Our products are according to IEC standard, we also can customize the flange and shaft according to the customer drawing 

  • Controller function     e.g. forward/reverse, variable speed, acceleration profile, etc.

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