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Analysis of the forming process of the stator and rotor of the motor

2022-09-26 13:47:49 Volcano Motor Read

The raw material used in the production of stator and rotor is cold-rolled electrical steel strip, its thickness is 0.5 mm, the unannotated tolerance is GB/T1804-M, the flatness of the parts should be less than or equal to 0.1 mm, and the height of the burr should be less than or equal to 0.05 mm. The watch is smooth and also mass-produced. The unilateral clearance of the stator and rotor assembly in the motor is accurate to 0.542 mm, which has extremely high requirements for dimensional accuracy and coaxiality. In the past, two molds were designed to produce two parts, one for the stator and one for the rotor. It is very difficult to design and build these two molds, and the cost is high and the time is long. The most important thing is that the size and assembly accuracy of the rotor are difficult to be effectively controlled, which greatly reduces the quality of the motor. and time of use. After careful study and improvement of the mold design of the stator and rotor, the purpose of using one mold to produce two parts is achieved, which reduces the mold production time and also greatly controls the production cost. Improved material utilization. The basic characteristics of the stator and rotor are: the rotor contains twelve evenly distributed pole slots, and the holes with diameters of 24 mm and 39 mm in the middle have the same axial degree; the appearance of the stator presents an irregular shape, and has many a narrow slot. How to produce the above two parts in a pair of progressive dies makes the design and manufacture of the dies difficult.

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